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Winner New Arrivals Award

'Seeking you' by Jean Julien Pous

Sunday January 25, the jury of the NPS New Arrivals Competition for online short films, organised by Duch public television network NPS and the International Film Festival Rotterdam, has announced that Seeking you by Jean Julien Pous is the winner of the NPS New Arrivals Award 2009 (Euro 1,000). The short film 'Jansoree' by Jung Yol Choi received a special mention from the jury.

"Seeking you" is the winner of the competition because the director combines great themes en techniques with a great cinematic loveletter to Hongkong. And the great thing is: he managed.

The jury gave "Jansoree" a special mention because "it shows the power of honest cinema".

The NPS New Arrivals Competition is open to everyone who sends in a short film through www. Seven monthly winners were screened January 25, 2009 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. After the screenings, the jury announced the winning film.