Announcement of the nominees of the sixth round 2008

Announcement of the nominees of the sixth round 2008

The nominations of the sixth round of NPS New Arrivals are announced. Out of all the entries, the editors, along with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), have nominated five films. The following films have been nominated:

Youn Kim

Houn wants to be an entertainer but can’t afford to register in an academy of acting. His father, a camera repairman, is not able to supply the money and after his most precious camera was stolen, he keeps working in silence.


Chris Daykin

For every action there is a reaction. Equinox is a comedy which explores imagery and narrative.

Paz Fabrega

Michelle brings a boy home to meet her mum for the first time. But this is more complicated for her than it is for most girls.

Jung Yol Choi

A short story about love. A son tries to communicate with his mother, while she is preaching.



Documentary about the “Stereo”-project.

Stereo - Towards Infinite

On December 1st 2008 the winner will be announced by the jury.