Addis Ababa: David Graeber and Bullshit jobs

Why too many people find themselves in jobs that arguably do not contribute to society.

11 dec
11 december 2019
19:00 - 21:30
Vamdas Entertainment, Meganagna, Addis Ababa

David Graeber and Bullshit Jobs

After a long pause we are happy to announce that we are re-starting the Backlight Meet Ups in Addis Ababa. Our up-coming Backlight Meet Up will be held on Wednesday December 11th from 7.00 - 9.30 PMin Vamdas Entertainment in Meganagna

This time we will show a Backlight on the concept of Bullshit Jobsa term introduced by Social Anthropologist David Graeber. He elaborates on why too many people find themselves in jobs that arguably do not contribute to society, or are even detrimental to it. This is illustrated with various examples of people who used to find themselves in such an occupation. 


After the break, our guest speaker of the night, Dr. Jonathan Trigg, Assistant Professor Philosophy at Addis Ababa University, will reflect on the documentary and on the meaning of work in different contexts. Before teaching at Addis Ababa University, Jonathan taught among others at Edinburgh University in Scotland and Essex University in England. After his talk, there will be room for questions and comments by the audience.

This Backlight Meet Up is facilitated and supported by VPRO Tegenlicht, the Dutch Association in Addis Ababa (NVE) and Vamdas Entertainment. As we are making use of a new venue with more facilities, we will ask for a small entrance fee of ETB 50 p.p. Vamdas has a good restaurant where you can have dinner beforehand and drinks and snacks during the break and afterwards.