In Turkey - trailer

In Turkey - trailer

About In Turkey

In In Turkey Bram Vermeulen travels through Turkey, from Istanbul to Van, from the Golden Horn to Iran. A voyage of discovery through a country we presume to know everything about.

In this seven part series correspondent Bram Vermeulen looks at the rapid changes taking place in Turkey, the country that no longer wishes to be Europe’s beggar. He travels along the borders of a country with a regained self-confidence, from the Mediterranean Sea to the snow in the east, from the closed border with Armenia to the open southern borders with the Arab countries with which Turkey is strengthening its lost ties.

In a series of encounters he talks about the changes with anyone who crosses his path: from barbers to shepherds, from students to farmers, from directors to construction workers who are rebuilding neighbouring war-torn Iraq. He explores the borders of what is allowed in a country where miniskirts and headscarves coexist. A portrait of a country that is shifting its own boundaries.