English promo Beagle

English promo Beagle

“BEAGLE” - On the future of species

The voyage of HMS Beagle has been described as the most important journey ever made. During his travels with this ship, Charles Darwin gathered information and knowledge that drastically changed the world. With his book “On the Origin of Species” (1859) Darwin explained that life on earth was not created in six days, but rather developed by evolution.

BEAGLE is a documentary series of 40 episodes that reconstructed Darwin’s 5-year long voyage on HMS Beagle in the course of one year.

BEAGLE took viewers on a journey across magnificent landscapes, vulnerable regions, endangered areas and adventurous locations, stretching from Patagonia to the South Pacific and from Australia to St. Helena.

BEAGLE assessed where the world stands today in the light of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

En route one recurrent question was asked: “Will the Earth survive mankind?”

Website: http://beagle.vpro.nl/#/talen/item/12/