SustainaLab: 'Behind the Seams: The price of fast fashion''

Join the conversation about the Backlight broadcast 'The price of fast fashion'.

27 jun.
27 juni 2024
12:00 - 14:00
SustainaLab, Matrix ONE, Amsterdam Science Park

about the broadcast

On June 27th we will discuss the documentary about the clothing industry

There is now so much clothing in the world that the next six generations can be dressed with it. Four pioneers want to improve the stubborn clothing industry. Annemieke Koster produces new textiles from local, recycled fibers and discarded textiles. Caterina Occhio tries to make luxury brands like Chloe, Armani, and Aspesi more sustainable and socially responsible. Lara Wolters has been advocating for more transparent production chains in the European Parliament for almost five years. Former fast fashion influencer Sara Dubbeldam sued Primark for misleading advertising.

It’s time for a public debate!

Check this link to watch the documentary:
VPRO Tegenlicht | NPO Start

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