Arnhem: 'Uit de kleren'

Praat mee over de Tegenlicht aflevering 'Uit de kleren'

17 mei
17 mei 2024
10:30 - 12:30
Rembrandt Theater
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About the broadcast

At this moment there exist enough clothes in the world to dress the next six generations. The disastrous consequences of the fashion and textile industry are clear: gigantic overproduction, polluted rivers, meters-high mountains of clothing waste and CO2 emissions that are greater than aviation and shipping combined. Yet the fashion industry is running at full speed and the race to the bottom continues unabated.

VPRO Tegenlicht follows four pioneers on their mission to improve the unruly clothing industry. They work on more sustainable textiles, transparent chains, more social policy at major brands and fairer advertising.


During the State of Fashion x VPRO Tegenlicht Meet-up: ‘Uit de Kleren’, we will show excerpts from the Tegenlicht broadcast.

Friday 17 May
10:30 – 12:30
Rembrandt Theatre, Arnhem
Free entrance, please register here or via the button below.

Language: English