the mind of the universe

A ten-part television series, a global open source knowledge project, a web -based education program. Get to know the mind of the universe.

'As a result of a thousand million years of evolution
the universe is becoming conscious of itself,
able to understand something of its past history and its possible future.'

Julian Huxley


What if we can design and print any material?
What if we can connect our brains?
What if we can program organisms and societies?
What if our networks and search engines become autonomous and intelligent?
What if we can stop aging?
What if this all happens at once?
What would that mean for the world of tomorrow?
What if all knowledge is accessible to everyone, all the time?
Are we prepared?

Human knowledge is evolving at a rapid pace and is growing exponentially. On average, our knowledge is doubling every thirteen months.

We connect all that knowledge in a global network, accessible to all at any time. Are we helping to build a mind of the universe?

The Mind of the Universe is a unique international open source project on the rapid evolution of our knowledge. With UNESCO as an ambassador.

Robbert Dijkgraaf

The ten-part television series in conjunction with a dynamic digital environment will show tomorrow's world through the eyes of the greatest thinkers and scientists of our time. They look beyond the boundaries of their discipline to the future state of our knowledge. All the research and film material is being digitized and will become freely available to anyone who wants to use and enrich it at their own discretion. This arena of exchange of knowledge and ideas contribute to a global interactive learning experience.

Thanks to the international and global nature of The Mind of the Universe as a laboratory of ideas and as an open forum for dialogue, UNESCO has decided to give the project official support. Thus it wants to encourage other external parties to contribute. UNESCO also helps to bring the series The Mind of the Universe to everyone in any country in the world.

The way the series is edited enables each broadcastere to remake the series with its own presenter. In the Netherlands the presenter will be Robbert Dijkgraaf, director of the famous IAS (Institute for Advanced Study) in Princeton. 

From the start of production in January 2016, people are involved in the project  by using social media. During the filming process, more and more images and information will become available that will shape the online environment. The Dutch version of The Mind of the Universe will be ready early 2017. The international version in the spring of 2017.

Each episode of the ten-part series is centered around a typical human quality discussing all the know sciences.

the explorer

From the edges of the cosmos to the smallest unit of time, from the secrets of life to the inner workings of our brain, humans are always exploring and pushing boundaries. Does knowledge have a limit?

the maker

We build cities and machines. We manipulate matter and stack molecules, creating entirely new materials and even ecosystems. But do we create our own technology or does it have a will of its own?

the thinker

Our brain allows us to ponder our place in the universe. We allow our machines to merge with our brains. What is the future of our intelligence?

the dreamer

Man is the inventor of huge and often impossible dreams and unachievable Utopias. Often the impossible becomes reality thanks to the power of pure human stamina. Can everything we imagine become a reality?

the conqueror

Humans started out as hunters and gatherers and conquered nature. Now, it’s about conquering the micro and macro cosmos. We hunt the deepest seas and endless space. What frontiers do we have left?

The Seducer

All sensual beings are susceptible of seduction. We are starting to understand how we can seduce each other with taste, colour, shape, branding, mass psychology and neuro-marketing. Will we be able to manipulate sex, power, happiness, beauty and love?

the player

Human beings are playful creatures. Playing is good for developing cognitive and social skills. But fun and a playful attitude also foster unexpected discoveries and are therefore used in defense, medicine and science. Will the future be one big game?

the creator

Man is able to create living machines and artificial life. We can create wonderful new technology, manipulate nature and design extremely destructive weapons. But can we control ourselves?

the sorcerer

We know that life will come to an end. Mysticism and rituals lead us to hope and believe that after death comes infinity. We are always in search of hidden knowledge. What will the future hold for the believer if life becomes eternal?

The Connector

Our brains are perfectly geared for communicating and love to do so. Thanks to current technology, we can connect ourselves and our knowledge to a worldwide network. We create a worldwide infosphere. Will this become the mind of the Universe?


We are looking for leading scientists from around the world who fit the above themes. Do you know someone who may not be missed in our series? Tell below who and why he or she may not be missed at The Mind of the Universe.