Europe is of the rails

Europe is derailed. The borders are open and the train lines are built but to cross Europe by train is still an enormous undertaking. In Europe’s off the rail, we take a trip with all kinds of train-dreamers and do-ers. Each wants to make systematic changes to get Europe back on track.

Everyone seems to agree: we need less air travel and more train travel. Consensus or not, systems and political ambitions do not quite match up. Whereas in the 1950s the train was still presented as the means of transportation that would connect Europeans - literally and figuratively. The railway passenger is currently subjected to national interests that do not always align with European railroad ideals. The drive for efficiency and numbers stands in the way of true connection. What happened to those European ideals and how do we improve that connection?

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working on this documentary were:

Maren Merckx

Sharine Rijsenburg

editorial team
Tara Vierbergen
Daan Kuys
Ilija Bozovic
Mo Jouhri
Doortje Nieuwenhuijzen
Laura Hesselink

Thomas van Krugten
Pim Hawinkels

Pepijn Aben

Jurjen Blick

Paul Delput

image editor
Paula Witkamp

Gerhard van der Beek

audio post-production
Rob Dul

motion design
Joost Guliën
Fien Leeflang

Katinka Baehr

Regina Rijpkema

assistent producer
Pepijn van Oirschot
Xavier Res

executive producer
Zoë de Wilde

editor in chief
Julia Veldman