planet coolers

VPRO Backlight dives into the world of climate engineering: scientists and start-ups trying to use technological means to cool the earth. How hopeful or risky are these techniques?

The planet is heading for feverish temperatures. With each increase in degrees, the climate is changing dramatically: sea levels are rising, Arctic ice is disappearing and entire species of animals are being wiped out. Of course, we need to reduce CO2 emissions. But despite 25 years of climate agreements and fine promises, emissions are still increasing. If we don't act vigorously, we are lost.

Could climate engineering be the emergency solution we need? Can these techniques and ideas cool the planet? And how risky are they?

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Stephane Kaas

William de Bruijn

editorial team
Tara Vierbergen
Daan Kuys
Ilija Bozovic
Mo Jouhri
Eva Idenburg

Diderik Evers
Martijn van Beenen

Sam Huisman
Tony Leonardo
Janne Airaksinen

Tim van der Maden

image research
Paula Witkamp
Pepijn van Oirschot

motion design 
Fien Leeflang

voice over
Katinka Baehr

Koos van de Merbel

executive producer
Zoë de Wilde

editor in chief
Julia Veldman