a series by Britta Hosman


Brothers and sisters. You don’t get to choose them, but your family bond lasts a lifetime. Sometimes they are your trusted friends, sometimes they are your rivals. But what is it like if your sibling is a megastar, an icon?

In this thrilling documentary series we portray the lives of siblings of super famous citizens. Season two is in pre-production. View the trailers for season one’s episodes above.

Vanessa Branson, sister to Richard: Because Richard outshined his siblings in many areas, Vanessa had to look for her own niche and she found it in art. She is a key figure in the booming art world of Marrakech.

George Obama, brother to Barack: George Obama lives in the Nairobi Slums. Since his brother became president of the United States a heavy burden rests on his shoulders.

Leon Hendrix, brother to Jimi
: Leon has a hard day’s work being the brother of the best guitar player in the world. There is still big money to be earned in the legacy of guitar legend Jimi.

Stella Parton, sister to Dolly
: Just like her older sister Dolly, Stella wanted ti be a professional singer. She recorded over thirty albums and starred in musicals on Broadway.