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Mao MAO @Hussein, Just tell them that the part you want is part of the historic country. Did good for us. on september 22nd 1980
02allettejacobs AletteJacobs Eindelijk ondertekenen die kut-Surinamers het verdrag tegen discriminatie van de vrouw. on september 3rd 1981
03josbrink JosBrink Kinda like the Homomonument, but kinda dislike the colour. on september 5th 1987
04rich RichardWrauww @Osama Congrats on your Al-thingy. Always good to see that the young folks still want to bring their religion in the old-fashioned way! on date unknown 1988
05jpeg JPEGComittee @Daguerre beat ya! Dikke JPEG! on date unkown 1988
06qin QinDynastie @USSR Even our walls are better, bigger, cheaper and last longer. #MADEINCHINA on november 9th 1989
07davinci DaVinci I wish I had Adobe Photoshop. Then she wouldn’t smile, she would be naked laughing her lungs out. on date unknown 1990.
08mandela NelsonMandela I’m at ANC HQ (Kaapstad, South-Africa) on february 11th 1990
09doncorleone DonCorleone @JohannesPaulus2 ze zoeken een nieuwe dominee in Nederland, misschien kunnen wij iemand naar voren schuiven? on june 27th 1991
10mozard Mozart Sheiße! Spice girls broke up. Lucky the Backstreek Boys are still together. on may 30th 1998
11tonyblair T-t-t-onyBlair Nice to see that the Netherlands have their own “peoples princess.” Hope they manage the traffic lights better than their research. on may 17th 2001
11matthiasrust MatthiasRust The trick is to park the plane on a Platz, NEAR the building, not IN the building @Osama on september 11th 2001
12balthazar BalthazarG @VolkertG Zullen we een “wij-schoten-drie-keer-en-onze-achternaam-begint-met-een-G-hyve” oprichten? on may 6th 2002
13usarmy USarmy I just became the mayor of Irak @foursquare on may 1st 2003
06qin QinDynastie @Israel If you need any advice on the wall-thing. on date unkown 2003
15vincentvg VincentvanGoo @MohammedB ALTIJD ALLEEN HET OOR! on november 2nd 2004
16balkie JanPeterBalkenende I just became a local by checking in at KabinetsFormaties for the third time. on november 23rd 2006
17willem WillemTHAfirst @WouterBos Toch leuk dat mijn bank nu wordt overgenomen door een regering die ik heb overgenomen #oldskool on oktober 3rd 2008
18mlk MartinLutherKing @Obama Ok, guy, I know you can, but It’s time to wake up and do stuff. on january 20th 2009
19tomtom TomTom @KarstTatus Sla hier rechts af. on april 31st 2009
20back Bach @KingOfPop Bist du bei mir…. on june 25th 2009
21ladywithlamp LadyWithLamp: @klink In mijn tijd deden we gewoon een spuit voor het hele leger. Dan had je ook geen miskoop. on august 7th 2009
22mierlo Mierlo @JanPeter ja, zo kun je ook een referendum houden, gewoon om de zoveel jaar met je kabinet klappen. on february 20th 2010
23hitler Hitler @CardinaalSimonis Precies! Soms wust je het gewoon echt niet! #ShitHappens #GetOverIt on march 23rd 2010
24 GeorgeOrwell Ok, I don’t want to be the “I told you so”-guy, but I have said it. #GOOGLE #BIGBROTHER on may 15th 2010

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